The purpose of this website and production company is to provide income for me (in my retirement years), también para mi familia, and to build a lasting tribute to my late wife, Ofelia Orozco Zuniga Dillehay.

She worked with me, first in Costa Mesa, with Mario and Karen Tambellini of The Event Consultants and then, from 2000 to 2016 with me at Special Occasions Bridal Mall in Oxnard, Ca.  Our company was called:  Always the Best Photography, Video and DJ.

For most of our years there, we actually lived in the studio which had it’s own bedding, kitchen and shower.  Even though we had a nice apartment, Ofelia preferred to live at the studio.  We lived and breathed the business!


Side note: Living there, was, of course, illegal, . . . .  so we kept our little secret from our terrific landlords – Pat & the Behrens Family.

She loved editing and telling stories with her camera. I could always TrusT her to produce quality content because she obsessed to make it right. When I speak with her now, I tell her how very much I love her and love what she did for the family and our great clients.

On October 14, 2018 my wife passed on to her eternal (not resting) place.  I know she is not resting ’cause she loves to travel too much!

She has left me with a studio and an incredible family. One big reason I am doing this, is because of what my Duo Lingo App is telling me. . . . It says that I am only 14% fluid in Spanish! That means, if I want to connect better to this family, I better get creative! . . . . . ,’cause at this rate – full literacy won’t be achieved until I am a hundred and ten! (Ha, ha) . . .

Over the next months, I will be using my expertise in the production business to train a staff that can physically and mentally produce great content for Events, Studio Podcasts, Commercials for TV, . . . . .

. . . .and in years to come . . . .  a Comedy Sit-Com called, . . . . – a show to produce better leadership for our country, and where we will develope an app that makes a party out of jamming and so on. . . . . .

Tomorrow (February 1, ’19) I start shooting footage for my website:  Yes, I am an Uber and Lyft driver in San Diego!

We hope to be of service to many of you, both in Mexico and in the good ‘ol USA!

This image is of the Tijuana Grand Hotel where we are working to have as a  location

The above image of the two horses was produced by

Note: Eastlake Playas Church can’t sponsor or recommend our business. We just wanted to put their contact info here because they are good people and other people, like me, need to hear what and who they are talking about.