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Jim’s Story

Jim’s first big idea was around 1982 with “The Freeway Exit Business Guide”.  He graduated from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Music Education.  He has been a high school music teacher, taught voice privately, coached high school football, toured the world with a gospel band and for 35 years had his own successful Music,Photography and Video Production business in Southern California.  He has performed at over 2,000 big and small events.

Today Jim manages and lives 15 minutes from the border in Tijuana, Mexico.  He attends Eastlake Church in Playas and hopes to help the work of Christ and his family in TJ.  He met his beautiful wife, Ofelia, 1997, in TJ.   Jim is also the administrator of

This is Taken from my GoFundMe Campaign


I am raising money for  . . . . to free me up from having to drive for Uber & Lyft and be able to work on projects to benefit my family and, hopefully, our world.  So basically, I have an urgent need for seed money to:

. . . build  a studio in my condo

. . . purchase quality equipment to be able to produce podcasts, demos of ideas,  record and produce music and teach voice, guitar, and voice – hopefully to members of my family

Let me explain.

”benefit my family “– I want to leave an ongoing legacy for my wife and to my family.

An “ongoing legacy” in that I want to mention “para Ofelia” in our promotions to remind us about her beautiful life!

“to my family” in that I want to develop it so that when I can’t work anymore, it will be there IF they want to continue it.

So this, of course, will help me, personally, overcome my ignorance of the Spanish language so I can connect better with family members that only speak Spanish and little English…..(I am an Anglo living in the heart of Tijuana, Mexico – I met my Duo-Lingo wife in TJ who recently has passed).

So, I want to be a benefit & not be a burden to this wonderful family that Ofelia  has blest me with!

“benefit the world” – I mean that, literally . . . .judge for yourself! Just view these websites: , This is a proposed comedy Sit-Com about me and my family in Tijuana

33663100_1549481307888701_r.jpeg – I am developing this because I am an Uber/Lyft driver in San Diego.  I will be posting video when we play.

. . . . . hopefully, if there is enough interest, I can pitch this to Uber or Lyft to be able to provide it for their clients . . . . stay tuned!

I started this in late 2016 when I went on a hunger strike for 24 days to try and get Mr. Trump to give me a call because I felt I had good advice for him . . . he never called and I was not willing to kill myself, just to try and get his attention!

I then came up with FreedomOlympics which is a sport-themed team debate show featuring articulate and famous people in the Entertainment and Political arena.

In essence, a better way for us to choose our leadership!

So the great Oprah Winfrey has toyed with the idea of running for President.  I know the reason why she has not – because she feels she can make her political points without having to be a part of the political circus.

So, by choosing to compete, with a team of her choice, in the FreedomOlympics , she would not have to declare that she is running but she could get her ideas and feelings out there and we would have the opportunity to vote her in for president if we agreed with her and her ideas and solutions.

So audience members vote . . . but it would only provide good data to Oprah and others as to how they would fare if they really ran for President.

It’s my version of the old thot of . . . . “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony”.

Here, we try to make a “party out of jamming“!  It’s all spontaneous and it’s possible because, I actually am the originator of the “Video Chord Chart“.  It’s simular to Karaoke but I add the chord symbols above the words so that guitar players in the audience can play along with everything the DJ is playing.

It’s for beginners to professional!

So the music is synced up by a DJ.  The DJ goes back and forth between an actual Music Video with the original artist . . . .  and then the DJ has the ability to remove the lead vocal (karaoke version)

or switch to just the percussion (the “live” version)   . . . then you only hear the live singers and players (guitars, cajons, bongos and African Congas).

Uses the principals of a JamInTheMix .  This is what I would call a  musical party in a home, on the beach or even in a 50,000 seat stadium.  My company would develop demos to demonstrate this.

This is a Christian version of a UberLiveJam.  This literally, I believe, would be a business and a concept that I can take with me to Eternity!  That’s why I am planning a JoyJam in the year 2219 – 200 years from now!  So it’s a party with The Heavenly Host, my family, friends, and residents!  Please, all of you, make your reservations NOW, before you move on!


Please only give if you agree with my goals, ideas and purpose!

You can give from $5 up to 5,000 and beyond.  (If you gave that much, we would need to talk about you being an investor and receiving a percentage of the profits).

Don’t give a dime if you feel that this is an attempt to “manipulate” or “lay a guilt trip on you”.  If you are my friend I want this GoFundMe thing to not get in the way of that.

Blessings to all of you!

$75 of $1,000 goal

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Other crazy big ideas by Jim:






I am the administrator for one of my favorite places to go in San Diego – The Kissing Statue!  I tried to get an instant photo business there but the city would not allow me to have a set-up there.  So couldn’t have the business but I kept the history based facebook page.

Other ideas I have not developed yet:


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